Ayla Networks Joins the Internet of Things Consortium


We are thrilled to share news of the IoTC's continued growth and our newest member: Ayla Networks

Ayla Networks, a global IoT platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider, enables the world’s largest companies to connect and ingest data from nearly any sensor, system and cloud. By leveraging Ayla's Agile IoT™ platform, customers are able to quickly productize future-proofed, connected products, while normalizing data for ongoing insights and analytics. Ayla is a member of the elite Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network, so all products and data using the Ayla IoT cloud gain the security and availability benefits of the AWS cloud infrastructure. We look forward to working with you David Friedman, Melanie Fortman-Sicola, and the rest of the Ayla team! 

New Participation opportunities

As the Internet of Things Consortium continues to grow its presence in the IoT and frontier technology ecosystems, we are thrilled to share some news that marks an exciting evolution for our organization.  Over the past several months and beyond, we have gotten feedback from individual executives and entrepreneurs, educational and thought leadership organizations, and service-oriented firms that it would be of value to have a formal avenue for constituents in these groups to participate in our association.

In response, the IoTC team is unveiling a new program accommodate the diverse array of professionals eager to further their interests, both business and personal, in our IoT verticals of focus.  After much thought and reflection, the IoTC team is confident that our new participation program and related tiers provide opportunities for meaningful engagement for individuals and businesses that would not qualify for membership.

We look forward to benefiting from the knowledge and enthusiasm of many more of you as we continue our journey into furthering business outcomes in the IoT arena.

More information on our new participation tiers can be found here.

IoTC 2018 Individual Participation Tiers.png

Arm Joins the Internet of Things Consortium


On the opening day of Mobile World Congress 2018, we are excited to announce that Arm has joined Internet of Things Consortium.

Arm technology is at the heart of a computing and connectivity revolution that is transforming the way people live and businesses operate. Arm's advanced, energy-efficient processor designs are enabling the intelligence in more than 100 billion silicon chips and securely powering products from the sensor to the smartphone to the supercomputer. With more than 1,000 technology partners, including the world's largest consumer brands, Arm is driving innovation into all areas compute is happening inside the chip, the network and the cloud. See their latest innovation at arm.com.

We look forward to working together, Philip LewerBil CorryLakshmi MandyamHillary CainSharon Wu & the rest of the Arm team!