IOTC Welcomes Comcast as Newest Member

Over the last 15 months, IoTC has more than doubled in size. We are proud to announce that Comcast’s Xfinity Home has joined us. IoTC’s membership now comprises 50+ leading companies driving the IoT industry forward.

This is an exciting time for innovation in the IoT marketplace. We look forward to collaborating with these elite companies and thought-leaders on strategic partnerships and initiatives that shape the future of our industry.

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Executives Daniel Herscovici and Sridhar Solur Named as Advisors with the Organization

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (November 9, 2017) – The Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC) announced today that Comcast’s Xfinity Home has become a member of the organization, joining other leading companies as influencers in facilitating strategic partnerships and developing business prospects that drive the Internet of Things (IoT) industry forward.

Comcast’s Daniel Herscovici, General Manager and Senior Vice President of Xfinity Home, and Sridhar Solur, Senior Vice President of Product and Development for Xfinity Home, will become advisors. The IoTC is a business development organization aimed at connecting thought-leaders and companies in IoT to form meaningful partnerships that drive growth and industry development.

Both Comcast executives have proven track records and deep expertise in the IoT space. Mr. Herscovici manages all aspects of the Xfinity Home business, including strategy, partnerships, product development and full P&L. He has been instrumental in growing the business and launching the partner program, which curates and integrates industry leading products onto the Xfinity Home platform. Mr. Solur leads product development for Xfinity Home, which includes devices and services in the IoT, home automation and home security categories. He also serves in a similar capacity for Data Services and for the xFi platform, Comcast’s new home WiFi network management solution.

 “The IoTC welcomes Comcast to our roster of elite companies interested in creating meaningful collaboration and partnerships to drive innovation in IoT,” said Greg Kahn, President and CEO of The IoTC. “Dan Herscovici and Sridhar Solur are dynamic industry leaders and in their roles as advisors with the IoTC, they will partner with fellow IoTC members to lead and shape industry initiatives on key marketplace opportunities and challenges.”

“I’m delighted Xfinity Home has joined the IoTC and has a seat at the table with other innovative companies to discuss the future of our industry,” said Herscovici. “I look forward to collaborating with other IoTC members, sharing best practices, and working together to develop new and different perspectives. The next five years will be transformational as connected devices and experiences become increasingly embedded in our daily lives. Xfinity Home is working hard to make those experiences valuable, simple, and easy for consumers.”

“As we work to evolve the digital home from connected to cognitive, and to deliver truly transformative experiences to our customers, it is increasingly vital to stay engaged with the broader technology and business community surrounding the Internet of Things,” added Solur. “The IoTC is uniquely positioned to convene the most powerful voices in our community to advance key conversations about the future of the industry and the technology we create.”

Comcast joins a long list of brand name organizations partnering with IoTC. In the last 15 months, IoTC has seen rapid expansion to include more than 50 elite companies that include: Verizon, T-Mobile, Mastercard, LG Electronics USA, Nestle, Honeywell, Cox Communications, FOX, Turner, Electrolux, ADT, NXP Semiconductors, The Weather Company and Liberty Mutual Insurance, among others.

About the Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC) 

The Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC) is the premier business development association for the Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. It is comprised of leading founders, executives and global companies in IoT. The IoTC’s mission is to ignite the growth of the IoT marketplace by leading the industry’s efforts through strategic partnerships. The organization focuses on five key verticals: connected homes, autos, cities, retail and wearables.

For more information on The IoTC’s work, please visit or follow us on LinkedInFacebook, and Twitter.

About Xfinity Home

Xfinity Home is the next-generation home security, automation, and energy management solution from Comcast. This total home security service includes 24/7 professional monitoring, as well as battery and cellular backup, remote arming and disarming, real-time text and email alerts, 24/7 video recording, live video monitoring, lighting and thermostat control, and smoke and water leak detection. Through the Works With Xfinity Home curated partner program, Xfinity Home seamlessly integrates best-in-class smart home devices into its platform. Whether at home or on the go, customers can manage and stay connected to their homes via the mobile app, online portal, in-home Touchscreen Controller, or on their TV with the Xfinity X1 platform to ensure peace of mind. For more information, go to


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Chirp Releases White Paper Available for IoTC

Chirp has released a white paper available for download for IoTC members entitled Data over Sound Technology: Device-to-device communications & pairing without wireless radio networks (click to download).

We are starting to see the early signs of a surge in wireless Data-over-Sound (DoS) applications: the use of audio signals through the air, as a mechanism for sending data between devices. While the concept is not new, its current growth is being fueled by the rise of smartphones, IoT devices and improved signal-processing technology.

This white paper addresses:

  • Why is Data-over-Sound Useful?

  • Key technology enables of DoS

  • Example use-cases and applications of DoS

  • Commercialization pathways, opportunities & risks

On the Road Again... Connected Cars and the IoT Newsletter

Good morning IoT Community,

It’s been an exciting few weeks for the IoTC. With the addition of Tile and HelloTech, we are now 37 companies strong. Welcome to our new members!

This edition of the IoT Insiders Newsletter focuses on news and research surrounding the growing connected vehicles market. According to recent research from Statista, this sector will generate $19.3 billion in revenue in North America by 2021. There are major implications for city planners, oil/gas companies, insurance companies, retailers, shipping firms and content companies among others, and you’ll see much more coverage of this space from us the back half of the year.

As always, we welcome your opinions and views. Share your ideas via our LinkedIn channel or Twitter handle @iotconsortium.

Enjoy the weekend.



McKinsey’s most recent Connected Car survey data indicates that younger and middle-aged drivers, as well as those spending significant time in their car, are more interested in data-enabled services and features. Source: McKinsey “Monetizing Car Data”

Survey sample was ~1,000 automotive and technology executives (published by Mobile World Live). Although results were somewhat dependent on the type of business respondents were in, there was significant consensus about legacy automakers being dominant. Source: Gemalto, “Connected Cars: From Here to Autonomy”

KPMG found 85% of automakers admit that their organizations were breached in the past two years, perhaps due to the fact that only 32% of them have invested in information security in the last year. Source: KPMG “Consumer Loss Barometer”

Percent of respondents stating feature is “Very Important” to them. Examples of the “latest driver technology” posed to respondents were steering/parking assistance, adaptive cruise, and keyless entry/ignition , while “passenger technology” was described as audio/video streaming and social network connectivity. There were no differences between genders, but higher income respondents rated these more often. Survey sampled 22,000 consumers 15+ in 17 different countries. Source: GfK “Importance of Different Vehicle Features”


Parks Associates have released a white paper available for download for IoT Insider Newsletter subscribers entitled Impact of Voice on Connected Consumer Markets.

The arrival and growth of voice control have catalyzed a major market transformation in both the UX and UI for a variety of devices. Voice control and voice-based technologies have experienced massive growth in the past five years within the consumer market, and they are rapidly changing and influencing adoption of voice-controlled products.

This white paper addresses:

  • Defining the Voice Control Market

  • Consumer Adoption and Use

  • Market Shift Factors


Volvo and Audi are looking to do more with Android in its forthcoming connected vehicles, the companies announced before the Google I/O developer conference. The companies showed off the fruits of this deeper integration at the event in San Jose, which went beyond entertainment and navigation to help drivers and passengers control AC, windows, sunroof and more via Android.

Ford Motor Co.’s new President and CEO Jim Hackett expects Ford’s ventures into self-driving cars and the massive amounts of data they generate will become profitable enough to help carry the automaker through the highs and lows of automotive sales cycles. And, he said, they will boost earnings and value for the automaker.

The city of San Francisco wants to gain immediate warrantless access to autonomous vehicle (AV) technology, data and/or video recording in the event of an accident, according to a letter to the Department of Motor Vehicles from San Francisco County Transportation Authority Executive Director Tilly Chang.

Google is racking up more patents than most automakers on connected and self-driving cars.

Nissan will soon launch advanced connectivity features for the Micra, Sunny and Terrano. To go on sale in India soon, the cars will connect via an app on the owner’s phone to offer features like service reminders, GPS tracking and vehicle diagnostics.


Nestlé is bringing Amazon Alexa customers a unique "visual voice browsing" experience for the kitchen with the debut of the GoodNes skill for Amazon Alexa. Alexa device customers can now enhance their cooking experience with voice instructions, and a visual guide that allows users to hear and see recipe steps in their paired web browser, along with access to nutritional information, ingredients, fun facts and how-to videos designed to help consumers learn new cooking techniques.

On May 26 Stringify announced a suite of advanced tools for makers. There are three groups of tools that enthusiasts can leverage to enhance their DIY projects including a Developer Module, a Connected Suite of Things and a Function Suite of Things. Blog post is here. Secondly, Stringify is making the NBA Finals Thing available again this year. When used in conjunction with colored bulbs and connected speakers via SmartThings, the entertainment experience changes dramatically. For more info, there are additional Flow Ideas here: Stringify NBA Championship Flows

NXP is hosting an upcoming event in San Jose. Register here!


Unacast is hiring a Data Scientist to strengthen their analytics and product development capabilities. As a Data Scientist at Unacast, you will help drive a data-first culture across the company. As the first Data Scientist in the NYC offices you will spearhead our efforts, and over time build our Data Science presence in the US. Your main tasks will be to analyze and visualize data, provide insights to product development initiatives, and to empower Unacast to improve its data quality and make better data-driven decisions in general. Your role will actively contribute in improve existing and new products, ensuring high data quality on both supply and demand side, data scoring, fraud detection, and incorporation of new data sources. Click here to find out more

August is looking for a Director of Business Development. As Director of Business Development, you will be responsible for proposing, establishing and implementing the general strategy for August’s business development, working closely together with the CRO, Vice President of Product Management and the entire Leadership team. You will be responsible for adding partners and strategic revenue clients to our business. Click here to find out more.

Indiegogo is hiring a Sr. Marketing Manager - Partnerships who will be responsible for driving the strategy and execution for one of Indiegogo’s most central partners. This is a high visibility role on a quickly growing business. Primary responsibilities will include driving all marketing strategy and execution to achieve business development and growth goals for partnership. This will include, but is not limited to, digital marketing, content marketing, and email marketing programs. Ability to determine marketing objectives, execute marketing programs on time and within budget, and manage cross-functional stakeholders effectively will determine success in the role. Click here to find out more.

Indiegogo is hiring a Marketing Manager, New Business who will be responsible for driving the strategy and execution for Indiegogo’s enterprise business. his is a high visibility role on a quickly growing business. Primary responsibilities will include collaborating with outreach team to drive marketing strategy and execution to achieve business development and growth goals for partnership. This will include, but is not limited to, digital marketing, experiential marketing, content marketing, and email marketing programs. Ability to determine marketing objectives, execute marketing programs on time and within budget, and manage cross-functional stakeholders effectively will determine success in the role. Clear understanding of enterprise business motivations is critical. This position reports to the Head of Integrated Marketing. Click here to find out more.