Experian Joins the Internet of Things Consortium


According to Experian’s 2018 global data management benchmark report, nearly all C-level executives (95%) believe that data is an integral part of developing their business strategy and more than half of businesses surveyed say that data and analytics will provide a key source of opportunity in the coming year. The most critical value of data in business, however, does not come from simply amassing massive amounts of information, but from extracting actionable insights through deep analysis of it. 

We believe that data, when used properly, can support and create efficiencies for business leaders, various organizations, government departments, and society at large. The data derived from connected devices can help businesses make smarter decisions, prevent fraud, and give rise to more streamlined engagement with customers.

We are excited to announce today that Experian has joined the IoTC.  As part of the IoTC, Experian will help lead the conversation surrounding data, including privacy and ownership rights,  best practices, and the most innovative partnership models available and forthcoming. We look forward to collaborating with Kevin Dean, Jay Stocki, Lane Soelberg, and the entire Experian team!

More details are available on the Experian blog.