2020 Virtual Initiatives


With the absence of in-person industry events, which we believe to be critical to driving development and adoption of IoT, the IoTC is committed to providing virtual platforms which allow these conversations to still take place and partnerships to flourish.

With the success of our previous IoTC NOW Digital Series, we will soon be launching IoTC NOW – INDUSTRIAL SERIES to explore:


  • the impact from the pandemic on Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Logistics
  • how connected technology is helping the industrial sector to mitigate these impacts and recover
  • how industrial organizations can successfully scale the adoption of technology for long term commercial gain and savings
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Retail Innovation Series with GS1 US – Panel Clips

The IoTC recently partnered with GS1 US to bring a 2-part Retail Innovation series with Part 1 looking at ‘Redefining the Connected Retail & Consumer Experience’. See some of our highlights below:

Greg asked Melanie Nuce at GS1 US what the must-have tech upgrade will be for 2021 that retailers need to implement in order to better manage the supply chain.
Alan Boehme, CTO of H&M shares his 1 prediction for the retail sector in 2021.
IBM Sterling’s Jeanette Barlow shares what she believes is the future of brick and mortar stores in retail.

Greg Kahn, CEO at the IoTC, shares his views on the some latest innovations to watch out for in the Smart Kitchen and specifically around the QR code opportunity to enhance the connected consumer experience.

CMO of American Eagle Outfitters, Craig Brommers, shares his views on the Connected Home opportunity for shopping and how the retailer is looking to digital assistants, voice interfaces and TVs as platforms for shopping.

Google’s Jane Butler, Managing Director of Pureplay Retail & DTC, shares how Google is working with their clients around voice and connected TV shopping experiences as well as making YouTube more shoppable.

IoTC Now Connected Mobility Virtual Panel

IoTC NOW – Connected Mobility Virtual Panel

Automotive and transportation sectors have been undergoing massive digital transformation over the past decade, with changes in consumer behavior combined with technology advances creating a more connected, autonomous, electric and shared mobility landscape. With the onset of COVID-19, the “now normal” of staying at home has meant significant repercussions for this sector. Leading industry executives in this space, however, are already exploring ways to adapt and innovate in order to navigate the current crises and prepare for what’s next.

IOTC NOW Retail Transformation

IoTC NOW – Retail Transformation Virtual Panel

There is no doubt that the retail sector has been hit hard with COVID-19, however this sector was already experiencing huge transformation even before the global pandemic, with increased competition from new business models and changing consumer demands, making Digital Transformation essential, particularly for those “brick and mortar” retailers.

IoTC NOW – Smart Cities In the Era of COVID-19 Virtual Panel

IoTC NOW – Smart Cities In the Era of COVID-19 Virtual Panel

As COVID-19 has spread to communities globally, how are cities adapting? And what are the preparations being undertaken to ready cities to endure and gradually reopen? This virtual event, presented by the Internet of Things Consortium, includes telecommunications, electronics and cityleaders discussing how digital technologies can play a role and is moderated by Axios Smart Cities Journalist Kim Hart.

Connected Homes in the era of COVID-19 Virtual Panel

IoTC NOW – Connected Homes in the era of COVID-19 Virtual Panel

Hear from industry leaders about opportunities for smart home innovations in our new reality and what they’re seeing and experiencing in their businesses and own lives.

Connected Healthy & Wellness in the Era of COVID-19

IoTC NOW – Connected Health and Wellness Virtual Panel In the Era of COVID-19

The coronavirus outbreak is a global crisis that is impacting nearly every facet of life, perhaps none more than the medical field. As brave health care workers treat patients globally, telemedicine is being pushed to the forefront as patients stay at home to prevent further spread, and smart thermometers and heat sensors are being deployed to track the pandemic in new ways.

IoTC Connected Health Task Force

As a proactive response to the COVID-19 pandemic the IoTC is forming a Connected Health Task Force to bring together industry leaders, innovators, and experts to find ways we can help in this time of need.

Connected Health Task Force


“I’ve been involved in a lot of industry bodies and standards organizations over the years. But the most valuable one that I’ve ever experienced is Internet of Things Consortium. The quality of the community is unmatched. In a fast growing industry like ours, this is the place you want to be and the people you want to stay close to. Furthermore, the events and programming are fantastic. Even during this socially distanced time, IoTC has been super creative and adaptable to keep the conversations going. If you are an IoT player, I could not recommend this organization highly enough.”

Kent Dickson
Co-founder, Yonomi

James Nesfield – CEO, Chirp
“Strategic partnerships are shaping today’s business models and enabling companies like Chirp to have a greater impact. Our thanks to IoTC—the leading IoT business development organization—for bringing all of the right parties (corporations, entrepreneurs, the public sector, journalists) together on a regular basis and for playing a significant role in helping Chirp raise its visibility in the marketplace.”

James Nesfield
CEO, Chirp

Highlights from our IoTC NEXT Executive Summit 2019

IoTC NEXT Panel Discussion Audio

For those not able to attend, we certainly missed you there but are delighted to provide access to the Audio Recordings of the 11 Panel Discussions that took place for a fee of $299. Please complete the following form to receive access

IoTC NEXT Panel Discussion Audio
IoTC NEXT Post Show Report

IoTC NEXT Post Show Report

After an outstanding inaugural event, we’ve analyzed the data, crunched the numbers, and put together our Post Show report for you to download and review. We know you’ll enjoy it!


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IIoT SmartReport - September 2020
We are pleased to provide the latest SmartReport on IIoT.

According to the latest research the industrial IoT market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16.7% from 2019 to 2027 to reach $263.4 billion by 2027. IoT is increasingly becoming indispensable to the manufacturing industry, with a Microsoft survey indicating that 87% of decision-makers have adopted IoT, while the vast majority say IoT is critical to the success of their company. This report covers how the adoption of IoT is becoming more prominent in enabling asset monitoring, manufacturing operational intelligence, remote servicing, remote monitoring, and predictive maintenance. Government-sponsored initiatives and innovative efforts made by key companies are expected to augment the adoption of IIoT worldwide over the next six years.

IoTC SmartReport Smart Cities May 2020
Pre-COVID-19, electric bikes, ride-sharing services and mass transportation ridership were on the rise, with smart mobility gaining attention as a revolutionary way of moving from destination to destination efficiently—one that is cleaner and safer. Post-COVID, if such an era exists, the need for public-private collaboration cannot be overstated. While we are nowhere near the end of this unprecedented event playing out on the global stage, we cannot lose sight of the fact that the future of mobility is in our hands.


  • The average American spends about 34 hours every year sitting in traffic, (the above-average American may spend that in a month), with carpooling declining from around 20 percent of all commuters in 1970 to less than 10 percent today.
  • What may be an incredible moment for the advancement of automated technology in public transit, Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) plans to test the first full-size automated transit bus project in North America commencing in 2021.
  • With public and private initiatives working to improve mobility, multimodal transport—the integrated use of several different forms—will undoubtedly shape our travel, cities and even society for decades to come.
IoTC SmartReport Smart Cities May 2020
We are pleased to provide the latest SmartReport on Smart Cities.

Thanks in large part to the internet, which has enabled the sharing of news and information in real time, we have become more acutely aware of our circumstances over the last three decades, as well as the urgency in finding sustainable solutions to address our most pressing concerns at the moment. Many believe now that the Internet of Things (IoT) may hold the key to helping us tackle these problems and advance civilization in a way that improves the quality of life not just for some but for all. And there is good reason. Across the globe, smart cities are showing us how.


  • According to the Consumer Technology Association, the worldwide spending on smart city developments is expected to reach USD 34.35 billion by 2020.
  • In North America alone, more than 81% of people are in urban areas. Latin America and the Caribbean practically equaled the US with 80% urbanization, with Europe being third with 74%. In Asia the index is at 49%, and 41% in Africa. The context encourages the construction of megaprojects of smart cities, built from scratch with major companies or brands behind them.
  • Smart Cities can emerge stronger from the Pandemic. There is scarcely an aspect of life that has not been thoroughly disrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The crisis has also dramatically exposed the degree to which consumers, employers and workers are relying on connected technology to carry on, whether through video conferencing, telemedicine or other digital platforms.

We are pleased to provide the latest CES Special SmartReport. This report includes:

  • Latest market statistics and forecasts from firms like International Data Corporation (IDC) and Gartner.
  • 2020 Industry Predictions including the The “Top 10 Tech Trends” report by Juniper Research, plus 2020 predictions from MachNation, the Rain Agency, and IEEE Computer Society
  • CES Highlights across:
    • Smart Cities featuring Merck, Hyundai, Segway-Ninebot …
    • Connected Vehicles featuring Honda, Intel, Amazon Auto …
    • Connected Home featuring P&G, Samsung, ADT …
    • Wearables featuring OrCam, Bosch Sensortec …
    • Connected Retail featuring Anagog,Perfect Corp, Picnic …

Download the entire report here and join the IoTC to become part of the leading network driving the growth of the IoT industry.


Globally, cities are increasingly relying on data-driven decision making and innovative technical solutions to create efficiencies and elevate quality of life. Public-private partnerships present an increasingly emerging vehicle through which solutions are brought to market in cities. The Internet of Thing Consortium Smart Cities program seeks to convene our diverse membership to engage in ideation and execution of pilot programs and business opportunities in cities of varying sizes. Our partnership with a growing network of city Mayors, Chief Technology Officers, and Chief Innovation officers make these efforts possible.

Automobile manufacturers, fleet operators, telecommunications providers, data companies, and more are eager to be engaged in the marketplace for cars and trucks with internet-supported functionality. Communication between vehicles, infrastructure, networks, and countless other platforms provide limitless potential for creation of efficiencies and wholesale mobility transformation. The Internet of Things Consortium is at the forefront of this dialogue from all key angles.

Technology that provides internet and data-powered enhancements to homes, hotels, and other indoor infrastructure represents one of the most increasingly adopted fields of consumer Internet of Things technology. Connected home technology seeks to enhance comfort, security, energy efficiency, overall convenience, entertainment, and more. The Internet of Things Consortium is a best-in-class convener of executives and influencers from firms at the cutting edge of connected home technology.

Globally, consumers are increasingly making use of wearable technology that enhances their ability to fulfill their professional duties, provides entertainment value, or provides healthcare benefits. The Internet of Things Consortium is devoted to digging deep and facilitating actionable business development opportunities in this space that scale beyond the most widely known consumer products.

One of the most widely discussed trends in our global economy is the evolving state of the retail business. With increasing amounts of commerce shifting to online and mobile sales and purchasing, retailers must adapt their strategies both with respect to physical and digital conceptions and payment platforms. As with all areas of IoTC focus, the connected retail vertical requires industry players to deliver business solutions that facilitate simple transactions and desirable, efficient experiences.




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