The key mission of the IoT Consortium is to ignite the growth of the IoT marketplace by leading the industry’s efforts through strategic partnerships.

With this in mind, we host an array of unique experiences and platforms to allow the IoT community and our members to keep up to date with the latest IoT trends and meet potential new partners and customers. We have a whole host of exciting plans for 2020, including the return of our Annual Executive Summit in NYC; a series of VIP Dinners and Virtual Conferences as well as our not-to-be-missed NEW Podcast, so we invite you to take a look at our 2020 Prospectus for more information on opportunities to work with us.

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Highlights from our IoTC NEXT Executive Summit 2019

IoTC NEXT Panel Discussion Audio

For those not able to attend, we certainly missed you there but are delighted to provide access to the Audio Recordings of the 11 Panel Discussions that took place for a fee of $299. Please complete the following form to receive access

IoTC NEXT Post Show Report

After an outstanding inaugural event, we’ve analyzed the data, crunched the numbers, and put together our Post Show report for you to download and review. We know you’ll enjoy it!


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The Internet of Things Consortium curates monthly SmartReports which highlight latest trends, market stats and use cases across five categories of IoT – smart cities, connected homes, wearables, autonomous vehicles/transportation and retail transformation.

We are pleased to provide the latest Connected Retail Special SmartReport. This report includes:

  • Market statistics and forecasts from firms like Juniper Research, Radial, and Moda Operandi.
  • Select recent investments, including Google acquiring Pointy, Meredith Corporation acquiring SwearBy, and Sam’s Club acquiring the proprietary technology from WPP’s Triad.
  • Connected retail recent developments, such as Walmart testing autonomous grocery deliveries in a pilot, Panda Express introducing an augmented reality feature for the Lunar New Year, and Walgreens testing the delivery of medicine using drones from Alphabet subsidiary Wing.
  • Consumer Research “The Future Consumer” study by MiQ, and the “2020 Customer Engagement Survey” by enVista.
  • The rising optimism of retailers relating to improved customer engagements.

We are pleased to provide the latest CES Special SmartReport. This report includes:

  • Latest market statistics and forecasts from firms like International Data Corporation (IDC) and Gartner.
  • 2020 Industry Predictions including the The “Top 10 Tech Trends” report by Juniper Research, plus 2020 predictions from MachNation, the Rain Agency, and IEEE Computer Society
  • CES Highlights across:
    • Smart Cities featuring Merck, Hyundai, Segway-Ninebot …
    • Connected Vehicles featuring Honda, Intel, Amazon Auto …
    • Connected Home featuring P&G, Samsung, ADT …
    • Wearables featuring OrCam, Bosch Sensortec …
    • Connected Retail featuring Anagog,Perfect Corp, Picnic …

Download the entire report here and join the IoTC to become part of the leading network driving the growth of the IoT industry.


Globally, cities are increasingly relying on data-driven decision making and innovative technical solutions to create efficiencies and elevate quality of life. Public-private partnerships present an increasingly emerging vehicle through which solutions are brought to market in cities. The Internet of Thing Consortium Smart Cities program seeks to convene our diverse membership to engage in ideation and execution of pilot programs and business opportunities in cities of varying sizes. Our partnership with a growing network of city Mayors, Chief Technology Officers, and Chief Innovation officers make these efforts possible.

Automobile manufacturers, fleet operators, telecommunications providers, data companies, and more are eager to be engaged in the marketplace for cars and trucks with internet-supported functionality. Communication between vehicles, infrastructure, networks, and countless other platforms provide limitless potential for creation of efficiencies and wholesale mobility transformation. The Internet of Things Consortium is at the forefront of this dialogue from all key angles.

Technology that provides internet and data-powered enhancements to homes, hotels, and other indoor infrastructure represents one of the most increasingly adopted fields of consumer Internet of Things technology. Connected home technology seeks to enhance comfort, security, energy efficiency, overall convenience, entertainment, and more. The Internet of Things Consortium is a best-in-class convener of executives and influencers from firms at the cutting edge of connected home technology.

Globally, consumers are increasingly making use of wearable technology that enhances their ability to fulfill their professional duties, provides entertainment value, or provides healthcare benefits. The Internet of Things Consortium is devoted to digging deep and facilitating actionable business development opportunities in this space that scale beyond the most widely known consumer products.

One of the most widely discussed trends in our global economy is the evolving state of the retail business. With increasing amounts of commerce shifting to online and mobile sales and purchasing, retailers must adapt their strategies both with respect to physical and digital conceptions and payment platforms. As with all areas of IoTC focus, the connected retail vertical requires industry players to deliver business solutions that facilitate simple transactions and desirable, efficient experiences.




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