Jenny Fielding, Managing Director at Techstars

Jenny Fielding, Managing Director at Techstars

What was your introduction into the IoT sector?

I was running the venture group at the BBC, investing in digital media, when I had lunch with Beth Comstock at GE. I was considering my next move and she was a huge (and early) proponent of IoT. I immediately started researching and trying to educate myself on the topic. Fast forward a year or so and I ended up joining Techstars to invest in and support early stage IoT startups.  

What are some of your biggest accomplishments in the industry?

I love the idea of supporting and building entrepreneurial ecosystems. When I started my company in 2006 in NYC, the landscape for startups there was grim. Since then, I’ve tried to do my part in providing resources to founders, especially ones based in NYC. I’ve invested in countless companies, teach classes, mentor and host tons of events in an effort to further grow the startup community.   

What’s your favorite way to keep up on the latest IoT news and trends?

I think that the best way to stay up to date on trends is to get out from behind the computer and talk to founders building the next generation of IoT companies as well as customers consuming IoT solutions. You can read all you want and get sucked into the hype cycle but customer adoption is the best indicator of the now.

Are there any sites/people/articles or books that have really inspired you lately?

I attended an event with Steve Case late last year and heard his thesis around the The Third Wave. I just got around to reading the book and it’s an exciting vision of the Internet of Everything. 

What are you most excited about in IoT?

I’m excited about all the impactful use cases that IoT can pioneer. From healthcare to the Built environment, blockchain to AI. We are going to be seeing some amazing enabling products and services rolled out in the next few years and I feel lucky to be part of it all!