IoTC SmartReport Smart Cities May 2020
The Internet of Things Consortium curates monthly SmartReports which highlight latest trends, market stats and use cases across five categories of IoT – smart cities, connected homes, wearables, autonomous vehicles/transportation and retail transformation.

We are pleased to provide the latest SmartReport on Smart Mobility.

Pre-COVID-19, electric bikes, ride-sharing services and mass transportation ridership were on the rise, with smart mobility gaining attention as a revolutionary way of moving from destination to destination efficiently—one that is cleaner and safer. Post-COVID, if such an era exists, the need for public-private collaboration cannot be overstated. While we are nowhere near the end of this unprecedented event playing out on the global stage, we cannot lose sight of the fact that the future of mobility is in our hands.


  • The average American spends about 34 hours every year sitting in traffic, (the above-average American may spend that in a month), with carpooling declining from around 20 percent of all commuters in 1970 to less than 10 percent today.
  • What may be an incredible moment for the advancement of automated technology in public transit, Connecticut Department of Transportation (CTDOT) plans to test the first full-size automated transit bus project in North America commencing in 2021.
  • With public and private initiatives working to improve mobility, multimodal transport—the integrated use of several different forms—will undoubtedly shape our travel, cities and even society for decades to come.

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