IoTC Webinar Series: The Sharing Economy & Emerging Forms of Urban Mobility


The Sharing Economy & Emerging Forms of Urban Mobility

The sharing economy is broadly defined as an economic model in which individuals can borrow, rent, or otherwise utilize assets owned by others.
PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) projects that key sharing sectors, including ride-sharing have the potential to reach a global revenue of $335 billion by 2025.

As new forms of urban mobility such as scooters continue emerging and garnering high levels of corporate and venture investment, it is important to understand the implications from the perspectives of urban planning, traffic management, public safety, and more.

This webinar will seek to identify which business models are poised to continue accelerating in this space, and how cities are and must continue preparing.

Our expert speakers will discuss this topic and offer an open text Q&A after the sessions.

Abstract Avis Budget Group:

How Connected and Self Driving Cars Will Shape the Future of Mobility

Personal mobility is undergoing a revolution, brought on by the advent of car sharing, ride hailing, eBikes and eScooters, microtransit and other innovations. This has resulted in a shift in how people move in, out and around cities. Continued innovation in the space, including the evolution of today’s connected cars to tomorrow’s self-driving cars will further shift behaviors. Avis Budget Group’s Jeff Kaelin will chart the course and provide a look at how the company is transforming itself to meet the needs of consumers.

Abstract All Traffic Solutions:

Technology Implications for Travel Flow Management in the Sharing Economy

As more sharing options like mobility, co-working, short-term lodging, and “instant” delivery services come to play in urban centers, vehicle and pedestrian volume will grow significantly. How can we enable the perfect trip for urban travelers in this environment? What information will they require to make the best choices among available multi-modal options across traffic, mass-transit, ride-share/taxi, bike-share, and parking options?

Join us for this webinar as we explore the technology required to bring together real-time and historical data from a wide variety of IoT traffic sensors and other sources to improve traffic flow, encourage multi-modal transportation, and streamline urban parking experiences.


Jeffrey S. Kaelin

Jeffrey S. Kaelin, Vice President, Product Development, Avis Budget Group

Jeff Kaelin has been involved with the transportation industry for more than 25 years. Since joining Avis Budget Group in 1994, he has held various roles with increasing responsibility across Operations, Information Technology, Customer Experience, Strategy, Marketing and most recently, Product Development within the Innovation organization. Jeff’s current focus is helping to shape Avis Budget Group’s position in the evolving mobility landscape through the development and growth of the Company’s rapidly growing Global Connected Car and Self Service Products. These products deliver new capabilities transforming customer experiences, rental operations and brand positioning delivered through global cross-functional teams.

Jeff is a graduate of the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, with a dual major in Human Resources and Management.


Andy Souders

Andy Souders, CEO, All Traffic Solutions

Andy Souders is the President and CEO of All Traffic Solutions, a recognized leader in innovative data-driven travel flow management solutions. With over 20 years of successful leadership experience and an extensive background in data management and sensor technology, Andy has played a pivotal role in ATS’ rapid transformation into a leading provider of open, cloud-based software and connected traffic and parking signs and devices.

His significant achievements at ATS, as well as at his prior position as SVP of Products and Strategy for Savi Technology, a developer of innovative IoT and in-transit supply chain visibility solutions, has earned him distinction as a leader in pioneering Cloud IoT technology solutions.

Andy has led divisions at large corporations including Savi Technology, Clarity Solution Group, EZ Shield, NEW, AOL, and EDS. He has been an integral part of many award-winning teams, earning the TMC 2015 IoT Evolution Product of the Year (2015), Frost & Sullivan’s Company of the Year for Sensor Analytics (2015), the Ventana Research Technology Innovation Award for Operational Intelligence (2014), and CES Innovations Design and Engineering Award (2010).

Andy serves as a volunteer for many organizations including as Board Director for Pedal It Out, a non-profit organization dedicated to raising funding and awareness for cancer research.