IoTC Webinar Series: The Smart City Evolution – What Cities Need to Know


MAY 1ST, 2019 – 12PM ET / 9AM PT

Verizon Smart Communities (VSC) creates and implements smart solutions in areas such as lighting, traffic, parking, citizen engagement, and public safety & security, in addition to simplifying the development and deployment of solutions through the Smart Communities & ThingSpace platforms. VSC is committed to developing best-in-class connected solutions with Verizon’s strong ecosystem of partners while maintaining the highest standards of network security, data privacy, and solution implementation. Lani has developed a Public Private Partnership model with cities to leverage the best of Verizon and the government leaders in order to drive city innovation and deliver a diverse array of solutions for its citizens. The first of these partnerships was with the City of Sacramento which provided solutions to drive innovation, youth job creation, bridging the digital divide, and providing smart city solutions.


By 2022, global smart city spending is expected to reach an estimated $158 billion. By the same year, governments, enterprises, and citizens could save over an estimated $5 trillion annually as a result of smart city investments. How do we get from here to there?

Where are you in the smart city deployment continuum and how can you advance from pilot mode to scaled implementation in a way that will bring your community the most benefit?

Join Lani Ingram as she discusses smart city evolution and how we can scale to that phase where ROI savings is realized and most importantly, people’s lives are better


Lani Ingram

Lani Ingram, Vice President, Smart Communities Organization, Verizon

Mrinalini (Lani) Ingram, Vice President of Verizon’s Smart Communities organization, leads the company’s initiative toward digital transformation of cities, universities, utilities, and sports and entertainment organizations. Her ultimate goal, and her driving passion, is to spur economic growth, drive inclusion, and enable safety and sustainability in order to enhance the quality of life for people living in communities.

The Smart Communities organization is its own entity within the larger company, able to leverage Verizon’s global resources and assets while retaining startup-like agility. Lani’s team develops smart solutions to boost lighting efficiencies, reduce traffic congestion, improve public safety and enable Internet of Things (IoT) application development.

Lani is one of the pioneers of the Smart Communities industry. Before joining Verizon in 2016, she led Cisco’s Smart + Connected Communities Strategy and Business Development team. In that role, she worked closely with governments, software developers, enterprises and service providers to create business models that wove together people, services, community assets and information into comprehensive solutions.

A true global citizen, Lani has lived and worked in cities all over the world, partnering with city and industry leaders in communities ranging from large urban centers in Asia, Europe and North America to small villages in Africa and Asia.

She began her career in finance, gaining strong foundational business skills via leadership roles at Cisco, Lucent Technologies, Dole Food Company and Coopers & Lybrand. As Chief Financial Officer for Cisco’s Globalization Center in India, she was responsible for $1.8 billion worth of investment activities in the region.

Lani stays active in her community and advocates for diversity and empowerment. She has served on the board of directors for both non-profit and commercial companies and is a frequent speaker at industry and community events, including women in business conferences. In 2012 she gave a TEDx talk on the power of connecting communities.

Lani holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Gonzaga University and an executive MBA from Harvard Business School, and she is a licensed CPA.

Lani lives a bicoastal life with her husband, and they enjoy traveling together with their son and daughter to countries throughout the world. A visual thinker, she is a self-taught oil painter and crafter who appreciates the logical and scientific aspects of art.