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Connected Healthcare at Work on the Front Lines

By Greg Kahn

For decades, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has provided statistical evidence of the impact of influenza around the world, stating that up to 646,000 people worldwide die from seasonal influenza-related respiratory illnesses each year—in non-pandemic conditions. With those staggering numbers coupled with the current COVID-19 crisis, we have never been more globally aware, with our best and brightest minds taking on the task to bring forth new and existing technologies to face the present danger and fortify us for the future.

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Smart Homes: Is This The Second Inning Of The Final Game Of The World Series?

By Greg Kahn

As consumers, we love the functionality, what smart devices deliver to us, but there are issues of interoperability, security, and privacy that we haven’t really thought about.

Every day there is news and analysis published about the “smart home” or “connected home”. But how do you cut through the chaff to figure out what’s really important in this booming industry – from which no one can escape these days? I recently moderated a panel at CES on The Connected Home Through the Eyes of Consumers and I’d like to share some of the important insights uncovered.

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CONNECTED RETAIL COMBATTING COVID-19 AND BEYOND: Drones, robotics and touch-free technologies are no longer a convenience but a necessity

There is no doubt the retail sector has been hit hard with the COVID-19 pandemic. Store closures have resulted in tremendous financial fallout, millions of workers have been laid off and many are worried about having enough supplies to get them through this crisis. But if we can step back for a moment, recalling Plato’s premise that necessity is the mother of invention, many industry leaders are forging ahead with innovative and touch-free technology—from delivery drones to robotics—to realize the potential of current and future innovation, filling critical gaps while ensuring the health and wellbeing of everyone. 

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COVID-19 and Connected Healthcare: Looking for the silver lining

By Greg Kahn

First things first: For many of us, we may be too close to the current health pandemic and financial crisis to see beyond the fear and panic gripping the world. And it is understandable considering the millions of livelihoods at stake, the misleading information and the real threat that the coronavirus poses to the elderly and compromised. From where I sit in New York City, the gravity of these compounded circumstances can be overwhelming when there appears to be no solution in sight. But I have always been an optimist, at least a practical one, and believe there is a silver lining to everything—even this. I’ll explain.

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Thoughts on Leadership in an IoT-driven World – From CEO World Magazine

By Greg Kahn

I am not convinced that every CEO sets out—with intention—to become a leader. I am convinced, however, that those with passion, a clear vision and the ability to inspire, inform and initiate action eventually and naturally reach a gratifying summit.

Prior to founding the Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC), I spent about 20 years in media—film, television, digital advertising and digital publishing—an industry for which I still have a deep passion. Over the course of those two decades, I had my fair share of challenges, particularly in the early days where I took more than a few brutal punches. But I had tremendous opportunities and recognition. I was named one of the top influencers in the independent film industry globally, and I was on one of the main stages at the Cannes Film Festival. During my time in the advertising world at Optimedia, I had the privilege of working with many dream clients, including Disney, T-Mobile, BBC America and Pizza Hut to name a few. I also received the Media Maven Award from Advertising Age and was selected as a 2010 Media All-Star by AdweekMedia—the only executive of those named to Media Mavens or All-Stars in 2010 to be honored by both leading trade publications in the same year. My last corporate position was running revenue for a division of the American media conglomerate Meredith Corporation.

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