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The IoTC is fully committed to building a community to ignite the growth of our connected future. With the impact COVID-19 is having globally, technology has never played a more important role. During the “new normal” we are experiencing, these communities have become more important than ever and we have had to adapt and develop to bring new ways to unite our network.

We are therefore delighted to launch a dedicated IoTC Slack Channel to unite those industry leaders and executives with shared aspirations and motivations, and to foster both new and existing relationships in order to accelerate creativity, innovation and technological advances, that are sure to come from these unprecedented times.

Why Join

Many valuable discussions take place at an in-person networking event, during a panel discussion or even during a live webinar, but far too often, these conversations are cut short and are never continued. The IoTC Slack Channel provides an always open platform for continued conversations through structured channels and threads.

Sign up to our slack channel to:

  • Become part of a community committed to accelerating technology innovation for good with ethics and diversity and inclusion at the forefront
  • Have an opportunity to converse with senior level executives from the IoTC community in a structured content environment with dedicated channels on specific areas of interests
  • Take part in IoTC surveys
  • Get to know your peers, post job opportunities, share real-time information, as well as enjoy jokes (yes, jokes) from the community
  • Hear topical industry news and insights on relevant businesses
  • Be the first to hear about IoTC events and networking initiatives (both live and virtual)
  • Share own ideas or pose questions to your peers
  • Receive access to IoTC Statistics and Insights
  • Receive exclusive access to IoTC Reports (Members Only)

If you’d like to be considered, please complete the form and you will be contacted shortly.

IoTC Slack Channel

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