IoTC Talks

IoTC Talks

The Experts Weigh In

In November 2019, the Internet of Things Consortium (IoTC) launched its inaugural IoTC NEXT: The Connected Future Summit, the first IoT event of its kind that, above all, seeks to answer the crucial question, How can we create a connected and ethical future?

Technology leaders, brand executives, investors, entrepreneurs and top media committed to the development, integration and implementation of connected technology came together at TheTimesCenter in New York to build impactful partnerships, share real world opportunities and spur creativity to advance innovation, ethical standards and inspiration in the connected home, retail, wearables, smart cities and mobility verticals.

We’re pleased to bring you a selection of articles which showcase the key takeaways from several of the keynote sessions and panels which took place at the show and which defined our predications for 2020 …

Being Alone Together

NEW INTERFACES PANEL: Future of Screens, Audio & Voice

This highly-anticipated panel kicked off the session with a basic premise question that cut right to the chase: What is it consumers actually want? The experts were in unanimous agreement that consumers want smart devices that simplify their lives, ease day-to-day burdens, improve access to information and enhance communication—and entertainment. But, they also need to understand the value proposition of these devices that are ultimately being created for them …

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Is it ALL about the money?

INVESTOR PANEL: Financing an IoT Project

Without a doubt, this was the money panel at IoTC NEXT in every sense, and attendees were so engrossed—hanging on to every word—you could hear a pin drop. For startups, there has not been a better time in recent history to raise capital. According to Pitchbook, U.S. venture capital (VC) investment reached $130.9 billion in 2018, surpassing levels from the dot-com era in 2000 and signifying VC ecosystem maturation …

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Connected mobility: How do we move more people in the same amount of space?

INDUSTRY FOCUS PANEL: Future of Mobility

Smart mobility is gaining attention as a revolutionary way of thinking about how we get around—one that is cleaner, safer and more efficient. And it’s about time. Hedges & Company reports that in the U.S. alone there were 284.5 million registered vehicles in 2019. Meanwhile, the United Nations reports that city populations have ballooned. A byproduct of both people and industrialization, urban centers have grown from 751 million in 1950 to 4.2 billion—and will continue to expand.

this challenging topic with journalist Stacey Higginbotham moderating and leading the discussion, the INDUSTRY FOCUS PANEL: Future of Mobility focused on disruptive trends such as autonomous vehicles, connected and electric cars and shared mobility …

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“Habit Stacking”​ and Building Communities => The Future of Connected Health & Wellness

INDUSTRY FOCUS PANEL: A Look at How IoT is Revolutionizing Health & Wellness

Kicking off the INDUSTRY FOCUS PANEL: A Look at How IoT is Revolutionizing Health & Wellness, moderator Jeremy Kaplan, editor in chief at Digital Trends, was quick to point out the difference between the health and wellness industry—which relates to those things we can do ourselves on a personal-care level—and the healthcare industry—which relates more to those things in which we need some level of involvement from a physician or healthcare provider …

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