B2B IoT spending will reach almost $1 Trillion in 2017, but the market is only just beginning. As more connected devices come online and new services are developed for them, no company can succeed on its own.

The IoTC’s unique focus on networking and business development brings together companies from five IoT verticals–connected homes, autos, cities, retail and wearables.

Grow your business alongside fellow leaders by forming partnerships and collaborating on strategy, best practices, and platforms through our networking events and online community.


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"As an organization, IoTC is clearly committed to delivering maximum value to its member base. The regular and varied array of events allow Mastercard to pull in different facets of the company and to share our unique perspective across a number of focus areas. The opportunity to co-lead a task force has been an incredible way to jumpstart internal initiatives, and doing so with a group of like-minded peers gives us a platform to incubate new ideas, test new business models and develop partnerships to help drive value for everyone. Mastercard is excited to be a part of this thriving community and the potential for growth, joint innovation and thought leadership that it offers."

SVP, New Commerce Partnerships and Commercialization
"The IoTC has been a wonderful opportunity to grow partnerships. This is essential in doing work that will be relevant and helpful to the IoT industry.

The team at the IoTC has done a fantastic job of putting together interesting and interactive working sessions, events and dinners to get the conversations started. I highly recommend that any company wishing to succeed in IoT look well beyond their own often narrow and curated views. The IoTC is an excellent group that brings a variety of interests to the conversation."

Chief Scientists/Evangelist
Greenwave Systems
"As a leading provider of IoT solutions used in a wide range of consumer and industrial secure IoT applications, it’s important for us to be part of an alliance that helps bridge the necessary relationships to advocate and capitalize on IoT market opportunity and demand. The IoTC has been integral in opening the door to key market segments and transformational initiatives for NXP. With their support, we’re built new strategic relationships and have strengthened our voice in the Internet of Things."

VP Sales and Marketing–Americas
NXP Semiconductors
"Creating a brand and establishing value in a young, fast-moving industry like IoT requires a massive level of connection and awareness. The IoTC is a fast, fun and effective way to immediately tap into a strong network of influencers and leaders who are shaping the IoT industry. SkyBell has gained so much from building strong relationships with other IoTC members and learning from the diverse perspectives represented in the consortium. The newsletters, insights, and access also help me stay plugged in to what’s happening and what the future holds."

Co–Founder of Skybell
"No single company built the internet, and no single company will build the internet of things. The Internet of Things is all about ecosystems which require conversations, a deep understanding of both technology and business needs, and strong partnerships.

Cirrent joined the Internet of Things Consortium to develop a stronger perception of the industry and to develop partnerships to expand our business. The IoTC has exceeded our expectations on all fronts: IoTC quarterly meetings and newsletters have improved our understanding of the industry, and the personal connections formed through the membership have led to strong partnerships and good friends. I’d highly recommend any senior exec in the IoT industry take a serious look at joining the IoTC."

CEO of Cirrent


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